Friday, July 31, 2009

The Kings of Leon

Years ago I introduced a nephew to my sometimes quirky taste in music, launching him down a long, slippery slope. Eventually his living room became a killer listening room with a high-end audio setup and nicely framed LP covers from John Cash's American Recordings on the walls. (Of course after his marriage, fatherhood, and "decorating" all that went to hell.) Two days ago he posted his schedule for the Austin City Limits Music Festival that he and his lady will be attending in early October. One of the acts he had checked off was The Kings of Leon. By chance the young lads did three numbers on the Today program this morning. Now I realise I'm a little older and tastes differ, but it was simply brutal, almost embarrassingly bad. The music was poorly conceived and incompetently played. The young crowd pushing on the street barricades loved it. This musically opinionated old goat will not be posting any of their music.

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