Thursday, July 23, 2009

Contador the Conqueror

I noticed the Versus boys and some team mates are snipping at Alberto for not holding back for "The Team". When Merckx became the "Cannibal" for relentless solo attacks, or Coppi's victories were measured by the town square clock instead of a stopwatch, people don't remember that they didn't wait for their teams to catch up. Historic mountain breakaways are not team events. There is very little aerodynamic advantage at climbing speeds. Being surrounded by teammates is a psychological advantage which some riders don't need. The giants of cycling have not always been team players. Alberto has gained his time in the mountains and individual time trials. Alone.

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Doug said...

Since I am not a Lance fan, I get a little annoyed at the Contador bashing. I think Contador is the only one on the Astana team being a team player by trying to put some distance on his rivals. Since when does a team in the TDF worry about 2nd and 3rd places when they have the strongest GC rider in the race. No one remembers who got 2nd and 3rd! Contador is the man to beat, any other team would give him the go ahead to put as much time as he could on his rivals, not be holding him back so Armstrong can claw his way onto the podium.