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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yesterday's TdF Finish

Thor Hushovd rode a perfect race, tactically perfect. He worked his way up to the front as they approached the finish. When Mark Renshaw, the Highroad lead-out, pulled Mark Cavendish out front, clear of the peleton, the God of Thunder (don't you hate Phil Ligget?) was exactly where he wanted to be, sucking tight on Cavendish's rear wheel. As Renshaw pulled off, Thor wound it up with perfect timing, at exactly the right instant he shot out of the Cavendish slipstream and launched himself toward the finish line. He pulled next to Cavendish on his way by, both at top speed. Well, not exactly. Mark saw him out of the corner of his eye and simply dropped the hammer on poor Thor. He cranked it up to a speed that Thor has never dreamed of. Cavendish gained separation, then eased up as they crossed the line. This was his second Stage Win of the the 2009 Tour de France, to go with the four he picked up last year.

Who is faster, Mario Cipollini in his prime or Cavendish right now?

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