Thursday, July 23, 2009


I love the texture of old bricks mortared with moss. It's probably the quintessential embodiment of wabi-sabi. Enjoy being taken down the garden path.

About half a mile from my house there is a park that used to be "the old brick yard". Actually I believe there were a handful of different brick makers. There seems to be a couple of variations on the local bricks, some are dark red paving bricks and the others are softer, cream colored bricks. These are from my garden path. The pics may seem gray - they ain't, they's cream and kinda..brick colored. I particularly like the one above. At first I thought it was a animal track, on second look probably finger tips with just a slight kiss of the thumb tip.

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roughterrain crane said...

We could feel wabi-sabi when seeing old bricks with green moss.