Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Local News

Bad roads. My daughter rolled the Taurus this morning. She's fine. I'm happy, giddy with the exhilaration of being shot at...and missed. I celebrated with Chicken Wild Rice Soup, a pleasant Cabernet and Thai cookies.


Doohickie said...

I'm glad she's okay.

Christmas Eve was dicey here in Texas with rain that turned to snow and iced on the roads (they don't know what road salt is here). We had taken two cars to the Christmas Eve church service (my son had to be there early to rehearse with the choir). I told him to follow me home and watched him in my rearview mirror as he skidded at 15 mph across two lanes of traffic into the oncoming lane. Fortunately all other traffic avoided him and he got home in one piece, with some great driving experience under his belt.

Mimbres Man said...

Holy Cow! I am glad she's okay!

Happy New Year!

Old Toad said...

Yikes ... sorry to hear about Addy's rollover ... and happy that she came out of the Taurus okay. Guess she's been away from snow and ice too long ... or just needed to exhilarate her Dad a bit (give him yet another reason to drink a glass or two of a pleasant Cabernet).

Happy New Year from the Old Toad and all the Western Toadsters! May your remaining days with Addy at home be mellow and full of laughter.

Gunnar Berg said...

This is it. We take her to the airport tomorrow morning. Thanks to neighbors Barb and Duane for furnishing a better vehicle than our Taurus for the trip up - without our asking. GOOD NEIGHBORS. GOOD FRIENDS.