Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Possum

Freeborn County Fair rolls around in late Summer. They just announced the people who are performing at the grandstand shows. Mr.George Jones will be appearing on August 7th. The comments in the local paper are running 15 to 0 against George, with much excitment generated by Jo Dee Messina. Jo Dee Messina? What planet are these people from? Have none of them ever heard Mr. Jones singing, He Stopped Lovin Her Today? Yeah, it's maudlin and sappy, but it is THE classic country song.

This song came out about the time that my father-in-law, Bob died in our living room. This song wasn't his life, his Florence had been gone for five years, but it's still a tough one for me to get through dry.


Debb said...

Listening to this was about as painful as what you had to listen to in our car on the way to The Old Mill... Remember, Bob Dylan's Christmas CD?

Gunnar Berg said...

I do remember. Ouch.