Wednesday, December 16, 2009

That Old Time Feeling

These are lyrics to a Guy Clark song. My favorite (today). Guy does it half sung, half spoken backed by a simple, clean guitar. The YouTube that showed up is a David Allan Coe version, who sings it all, and the SOB even has the audacity to "improve" the melody AND the lyrics. His phasing sucks too- a pause is NOT a bad thing! Jeez. There's one by an amateur who also thinks he knows more than Guy about how this should be sung. Jeez, jeez Louise! Go buy it on Guy Clark Keepers CD which has a bunch of his best early pieces. Click on the song samples. If you aren't moved to buy the CD, maybe...maybe we're not living similar lives.
And that old time feeling goes sneaking down the hall,
Like an old gray cat in winter, keeping close to the wall.
And that old time feeling comes stumbling up the street,
Like an old salesman kicking the papers from his feet.

And that old time feeling draws circles around the block,
Like an old woman with no children, holding hands with the clock.
And that old time feeling falls on it's face in the park,
Like an old wino praying he can make it 'til it's dark.

And that old time feeling comes and goes in the rain,
Like an old man with his checkers, dying to find a game.
And that old time feeling plays for beer in bars,
Like an old blues-time picker who don't recall who you are.

And that old time feeling limps through the night on a crutch,
Like an old soldier wondering if he's paid too much.
And that old time feeling rocks and spits and cries,
Like an old lover remembering the girl with the clear blue eyes


Margadant said...

Familiar with this from following Ol' Jerry Jeff, but never heard -- or perhaps understood -- all the lyrics before.

I'm liking this Guy more and more.

Anonymous said...

Guy Clark is a fantastic musician. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform live with Lyle Lovett, Joe Elie, and John Hyatt when my wife was 7 months pregnant with our first daughter. I'll never forget that night....and I think that my daughter will always remember it somehow as well.

Allan Pollock