Monday, December 20, 2010

Dark Eyes (Squeezebox Throw Down IV)

Six more inches of snow today. Yesterday we really nailed down the Minnesota winter sound, not Bob Dylan, not Prince Nelson, not even Whoopee John Wilfart; I posted The Pines - to drag us through the solstice with their heavy morose tunes. Here's the flip side - Hawaiian shirts!  Now I give you Dan Newton and his Cafe Accordion Orchestra - another of the Twin Cities bands that is locked into Paris's Gypsy Jazz past. It's faster, maybe more upbeat on the surface, but still with a core of melancholy.


Silk Hope said...

My Favorite Day!!!!

As the solstice draws near.

The shortest day, December 21st is here.

So all gather 'round for some Christmas Cheer.

And HEY Gunnar can I have another beer.


PS: Make next a better YEAR!

Gunnar Berg said...

Been a tough year for the country, maybe for the world. Have a beer and a drink to a better year in 2011.

Oldfool said...

Le Hot Jazz how nice. If you don't pat your foot to that then check in to the mortuary 'cause you're dead.

Like most people I don't know why I like the accordion, or the ukulele either for that matter, but I do. It makes me smile, inside and outside which is probably why those two instruments are use in the majority of commercials.

Masini said...

And by the title, I was thinking "Dark Eyes" by Dylan from Empire Burlesque. I'll forgive you though, you did post the Pines!

Stay warm...

Gunnar Berg said...

Bob Dylan is a find songwriter, and probably a fine man. I have a bunch of his early LPs. Hell, I even went to college with his brother for about 5 minutes - maybe a little longer. If I ever posted one of his songs it was probably an error.