"If I don't believe in solipsism, who will?" - Al Batt

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Depression In The Pines

The solstice approaches as a dark rider. We trudge through the short days and long nights of a bleak and frigid monochrome world of windswept white and gray. The entire state of Minnesota is struggling through the throes of  Seasonal Affective Disorder. We don't suffer from SAD; we are SAD. The snow is sad. The black broken branched trees are sad. The very bitter biting wind whipping out on the tundra is sad. How do we cope with this oppressive bleakness? We listen to uplifting music. We listen to The Pines sing their snappy, toe-tapping little ditties - very, very, very slowly. And once again the weight has been lifted from our shoulders and our souls are light.

Don't Let Me Go

I'm all dressed up
Ain't got nowhere to go
Is there something on your mind
Is there something I should now

Take me, take me
Far away into your dreams
And just leave me be
Just leave me there for evermore

Don't let me go
Not even if I start to cryin'
If true love lasts forever
Then I guess it don't matter if we die then

Don't let me go

I got a bird that whistles
I got a bird that sings
I got a little baby bird
With a big broken wing

I'm gonna pretend this is heaven
You know, just in case
I get up to the gates
And they don't recognize my face


Margadant said...

I concede that the Pines are a find. But snappy and soul lifting? This tune isn't Minnesota SAD; it's more like broke down between Fargo and Grand Forks SAD.

Gunnar Berg said...

"If true love lasts forever
Then I guess it don't matter if we die then"

Happy and uplifting.

Actually, North Dakota is pretty bleak. Makes Minnesota winter seem alive and vibrant.