Monday, December 27, 2010

"Go home and take a snow day, Mrs. Braintree!"

After an hour or two of wrestling the Husqvana and a snow shovel, I understand people choosing to live in warmer places. But then a sunny morning later I wake up to this. The southerners may be warm and tan, but they are spared the pain of this terrible beauty. Below is a short walk down to the garden and back.

Garden pickets.

The north gate

North view.

West to the lake.

East to the bench.

West view from bench.

1410 deck.

1410 summer steps.


Anonymous said...

you're right; I'm missing out. I'll be thinking about your wintry beauty on my thirty mile ride tomorrow.


Gunnar Berg said...

I get your point. I just got a note from Mr.Kvale commenting on the quantity of snow and the difficulty of riding. When it takes Chris off his bike it's bad.

Anonymous said...

You forget the only real reason for teen-agers: to shovel your walk for $10 or so. Then you can really appreciate terrible beauty.

Gunnar Berg said...

They're slackers. And if you recall my driveway, there is no place to put the snow. It has to be moved about five times to clear it. Snowblowers rule.

Anonymous said...

Gunnar...once again the pix are gorgeous! But you're right, Bruce and I wouldn't trade the beauty for what we have here in FL!!! It's colder here now then we would like but it can change so we'll just rest easy. Snow-blowers do rule but we're so done with that now! L.N.

Oldfool said...

I learned many years ago that there is no amount of beauty worth the pain of being cold.

Gunnar Berg said...

The answer to the question is not Louisiana; the answer is wool. ;-)

Johann Rissik said...

Is that cold enough to warrant long trousers? Those pics and Pat Robertson have just scared me from even moving out into the 40 deg C heat today.....