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Monday, December 13, 2010

Democrats Move 2012 Convention to Metrodome

Most Appropriate Venue, Party Bosses Say
MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report
– In a move that took many political observers by surprise, the Democratic National Committee decided today to move its 2012 nominating convention to the Minneapolis Metrodome.

Insiders questioned the wisdom of choosing a venue which collapsed over the weekend, but Obama political adviser David Axelrod told reporters, “Quite frankly, we can’t think of a more appropriate site.”

Giving reporters a tour of the Metrodome facility, Mr. Axelrod said, “The Metrodome has taken a lot of hard knocks in the press, just like the Democrats have. But you can’t believe everything that you read. We’re a lot stronger and a lot tougher than you might –“
Before he could complete his sentence, Mr. Axelrod was felled by a chunk of the Metrodome’s ceiling and rushed to the Mayo Clinic.

Resting comfortably, Mr. Axelrod said he still thought the Metrodome was an appropriate venue for the Democrats, but added, “We’re also looking into some Carnival Cruise ships.”

In other political news, Christine O’Donnell said she is so excited that the national health care plan was found unconstitutional, “it almost makes me want to read the Constitution.”


Anonymous said...

O'Donnell can't be a serious politician till we see how well she can gun down and field dress a very large placid animal, with a big smile for the occasion (both she and the animal), and she should of course dress in obligatory milf fantasy costume.

This is a powerful country, and we hold our chosen leaders to impeccable standards!


Gunnar Berg said...

I admire journalism that in one succinct piece can lampoon a state, it's weather, a political party, a medical clinic, modern architecture, a cruise line, and two wacko politicians - one without even mentioning her name.

I've known a number of women who could kill and dress large game animals. Around here it is considered qualities for an ideal wife, not necessarily for elected office holders.

Silk Hope said...

I know some politicians that could stand a little field dressing.

Anonymous said...

Actually, O'Donnell should be able to kill a caribou with her broomstick. I think that's fair.

Mimbres Man said...

Metrodome metaphorical of America collapsing under the weight of its $13 trillion debt?


Silk Hope said...

Hey Gunnar!

Have you dug out the Coldnago. We need pics dude. Where are the knobby tires. Beside now you can take a lap around the HHH Dome (Metrodome)interior. For me now, that bike is the true meaning of the start of winter... A true Icon.

Silk Hope said...

Barin at least the Vikings play there. Read below for the true meaning of collapsing under its own weight.

Pontiac Silverdome

Cost 55.5 Million dollars back in 70's to build, was sold to Canadian company for 500k. Unreal. Going to turn into a soccer arena. 80k+ seating and they are trying to get MLS to Detroit?


Gunnar Berg said...

The Coldnago hasn't been out. Actually, I plan to harvest some parts off of it and sell the frame. The new winter bike will be a junker non-iconic Fuji. Sorry.

The Vikes and the Dome: The lease is through 2012. Then they will be playing in a new facility somewhere. The Dome will probably be razed. Unlike Detroit, downtown Minneapolis is prime real estate. $$$!

Gunnar Berg said...

The Silk Hope logo looks like an insect wearing a hat.

Silk Hope said...

Oh Maaaann!

Gunnar Berg said...

I kinda thought that's what you'd say. Or a variation. But just look at it.

Silk Hope said...

Hmmm how this?! (Dems Fightin words)

BTW I remember a FB retort from Lorna. Get with Scruffy.

Gunnar Berg said...

Fighting words? It was a damned gauntlet flung at your feet. It is the jealous bile of one who is not authorized to fly the griffin flag.

I'm not certain which FB comment you are referring to.

Silk Hope said...

100% Authorized by Dale. Ask him.

Gunnar Berg said...

Ooooooooooh,I did! I wanted the dragon on my headtube. You can put McLean transfers on a Silk Hope, but you can't put a Silk Hope on a McLean. Dale is either channeling the dead man's thoughts or making the Silk Hopes more exclusive. And he's right; he has the transfers.

Gunnar Berg said...

On second thought, it looks like a black helicopter.