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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Willie. Busted. Again.

Willie's 77 years old. A couple of days ago he was busted for marijuana possession. Again. I hereby propose a special dispensation of drug possession laws for all seniors. Especially those that still have phrasing and guitar chops like this. We could just call it the Willie Pass.

It's scary to realize that it's been forty years of Willie for Lorna and me. He was an obscure Texas songwriter. We went to early Willie concerts with just half a crowd, and yet Willie played far into the night, leaving country and venturing into jazz, show tunes, blues, rock, gospel, what ever crossed his mind. I remember thinking that this guy is amazing and everyone in the world should know his name.    I guess now they do.


Anonymous said...

he's one of the few who keep getting better. Love his Gravedigger.


Gunnar Berg said...

Hate it. Okay, not hate, but I wouldn't post it. You really need a blog again -a bike or two, a little music, push poetry again maybe, pictures of your kid wearing black Rev glasses, the Gravedigger.

Lorna Berg said...

Crazy for Loving You!!! It is our song.

Gunnar Berg said...

Yes. I know.

Mimbres Man said...

Red-headed Stranger

Gunnar Berg said...

Gravedigger, Red-headed Stranger, etc. I really don't care for story songs.

Mimbres Man said...

I like'em. Cowboy ballads.
Back when I was teenager in the mid 70s I once did a road trip with a buddy and his older brother and cousin, on the Outer Loop of the Gila, 300 miles combined both NM rural highway and USFS roads. We were in a faded green 1964 GMC step-sided (aptly named God Mother and Country) and the other half of our excursion was in an early 50s Willy's station wagon (proto-SUV). We had a portable cassette player in the cab of the truck where we had mixed tapes of Willie, Waylon, plus Led Zepplin, etc. We thought we were the shit! We were!