Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Bit of Thrashing About

Brown? (it was pretty rusty)
Edinburg Wetlands this morning. I think I may have both a Brown Thrasher and a Long-billed Thrasher here, but I won't go to the mat on either of them.

This is A White-eyed Vireo, a singer to the point of occasionally being a little irritating. The first shot captures that quality perfectly. It also catches an out of focus stick in front of it. The second shot is nicely focused and everything, but unfortunately it isn't alive and singing. Looks stuffed. Oh well.

Lastly, a flock of White Pelicans playing in the water, prepping for a Spring flight back to Minnesota to breed."See ya'll back in Oakwood!"

Still upright in Alamo, - Gunnar B.

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