Thursday, February 11, 2016

A One Bird Day

We went to Frontera Audubon this morning to try to see a couple of the handful of rare birds that are there this season. It started off pretty good. We spent a couple of hours getting good looks and photos of some more common birds and we got good looks at the female (or immature male?) Black-headed Grosbeak. See below.

Then we got serious. Put on our serious birder faces, hiked up our birder pants, and strode seriously to the water-drip and pool where the Blue Bunting pair has most recently been seen. I stood for an a couple of hours with six or eight others, barely moving, seldom speaking. Finally a little old lady who probably had to pee, vacated a spot on the only bench. I grabbed the opening and sat for another half an hour. Nadda.

It always could be worse - there have been people who traveled down from the north to see it, sat for four days, never saw it, and went back home empty. And I really don't need to see the damned bird anyway - birds come and go. Lorna saw the Blue Bunting shortly after it was posted - I sleep with the bird chick and I am claiming her bird by association.

- Gunnar

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Redwing said...

Very nice shot of the Black-headed Grosbeak!