Friday, February 5, 2016

Pickin' Butterflies

Yesterday afternoon - we went with Paul and Carolee to look at butterflies at the National Butterfly Center. The sun was out and there were clouds of small butterflies over the low flowers and shrubs, mostly varieties of Hairstreaks. I took a few pictures, but I am only posting a photo of one medium-size skipper. Why? because I like skippers best, that's why, and it is my blog. :-)

Laviana White-skipper
Laviana - closed

Mid-afternoon we left to visit with Mike and Ginnie in Mission. 

A quick aside: This is a recording studio photo taken in the early 1950s of  Buddy Reynolds and his 1949 Gibson guitar.

Fast forward: This is a living room photo taken last night of Mike Rickard and his 1949 Gibson guitar. It has a few more miles on it now, but still has a BUDDY strap on it. A great instrument - with Mike behind the wheel, it even sounds vintage. :-)

And Paul Prappas playing a Taylor, a loaner from Mike that Paul has been playing this season. Paul and Carolee are about to return to the Great North and last night he returned it to Mike. The party is over for awhile, leaving Mike to carry the load alone. I believe he is more than able.

The young lads spent a couple of hours playing their own songs and covers of Townes Van Zandt, John Cash, James McMurty and Guy Clark. All good stuff.

Once again, thanks guys for pouring out your souls for us. Well done again.



Redwing said...

Thanks Gunnar for the recap. I'm going to miss these gatherings.

Gunnar Berg said...

Ja, me too.