Sunday, May 8, 2011

Autos: A Tale of Two Nobles

Recently frequent commenter, Jack W. Gabus, aka Silk Hope, has become the West Coast Representative for Gabus Auto Distributors, a company founded by his cousin, Gene Gabus, set up to import the Shuanghuan Noble, a car manufactured in China which is available in both gasoline and electric models. This is from an article on the website, The Truth About Cars:

"For years now the Chinese automakers have been the bĂȘte noir of the global car industry, inspiring equal parts fear and contempt in boardrooms and editorial meetings from Detroit to Stuttgart. In an industry built on scale, China’s huge population and rapid growth can not be ignored as one scans the horizon for dark horse competitors. And yet no Chinese automaker has yet been able to get even a firm toehold in the market China recently passed as the world’s largest: the United States.

Certainly many have tried, as the last decade is littered with companies who have tried to import Chinese vehicles, only to go out of business or radically rethink their strategy (think Zap for the former and Miles/CODA for the latter). Others, like BYD (or India’s Mahindra), have teased America endlessly with big promises of low costs and high efficiency, only to delay launch dates endlessly. In short, a huge gulf has emerged between overblown fears of developing world (particularly Chinese) auto imports and the ability of Chinese automakers to actually deliver anything. No wonder then, that we found what appears to be the first legitimate attempt at importing Chinese cars to the US quite by accident…" continued


Jonny Hamachi said...

So many small bits of irony, very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

TTAC is by far my favorite Car website. Really the only one besides some SAAB-specific sites that I even pay real attention to. I think your buddy is on to something. As another wag commented; "A pissed of ex-Chrysler dealer..." could have Detroit suits shakin' like a dog sh*ttin a peach pit.


Rick M.