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Monday, May 2, 2011

Chris Kvale: Phase Two (or Three? or Four?)

Chris ordered tubes, etc today - Columbus. For those who have forgotten, weren't on board, or actually care, this is about where we ended up.

Kirk Pacenti makes the old school double-plate crown and he's trying to sell out, but Vincenti Dominguez had one stashed. You may recall that Vincent is also making the uber-cool stem. I haven't heard recently how it's coming. It'll be done in time. Also, I have opted for porteur bars .... just because I can.
Pacenti double-plate crown
Keith Anderson stainless insert dropouts

Richie Sachs Rene Singer lugs,
chopped and cut up per Kvale


Jonny Hamachi said...


Put a color panel on the pump too?

Gunnar Berg said...

Maybe. At least in a sketch it seems to make the pumped stand out more rather than disappear. We'll know more when we have the actually frame I think.

reverend dick said...

Is the pump going to be mounted off to the non-drive, or actually sit behind the seat tube?

Gunnar Berg said...

Behind. It requires a little longer bottom stays (round), but I think that may be a plus, it should give it a little more of the vintage bike feel ride. On the fork offset, i.e. trail, I wouldn't even dare suggest something to Kvale, who just knows soooo much more than I do.

Old Nevermore said...

Oh wow.

I still don't agree with the mis-matched brakes. But everything else is perfect.

What levers for the porteur bars???

Gunnar Berg said...

Brakes? I thought and agonized for weeks. Racers at the rear for pannier clearance, etc. Neo-retros at the front for stupid smooth topping power. They are not mismatched. You are simply wrong. ;-)

If you click on "porteur bars" there is a photo of the CLB brakes, which have since been polished.

Gunnar Berg said...

Another thing some will quibble with is that I'm going to wrap the bars all the way, rather than just grips, so I will have purchase for my hands next to the stem (where the shifter will be also).

Silk Hope said...

Aren't you done yet?

Mimbres Man said...

That fork crown is nice. Garro has built up some forks with those (or something that looks like that). Very nice.

Gunnar Berg said...

Very nice on the right bike. On most it might look a little chunky.

Tom G. said...

I don't know how you can handle the wait and anticipation. It would be killing me.

Gunnar Berg said...

Another month, maybe 6 weeks. At this point in his life, Mr. Kvale works at his own pace. "I am not looking for efficiency, I am striving for perfection." If I have the patience he will deliver.

Anonymous said...

Wrapping the bars to the stem makes sense to me. What kind of shifters will you be using?? -Tony

Gunnar Berg said...

Originally I was going to use a Dura Ace barcon I got from mw. The CLB brakes killed that, so I bought a Paul Thumbie mount. What am mounting to it? Not sure. I have a Shimano, but maybe a Riv Silver. I also have a Simples retro-friction I may try to marry to it.

Silk Hope said...


Look up Busyman Cycles blog for custom bar tape and saddles. This guy is the total bomb. With a couple extra scheckles your ride will be really sweet. He is an Aussie so there would a little shipping involed.


Here is the link from prolly.




Gunnar Berg said...

Very cool!

I have bar tape from an Amish harness maker. It is very nice, plain and smooth - tapered edges, generous length without a seam, no flaws. It'll do.