Friday, May 27, 2011

The Clarks Grove Cemetery

I posted a note earlier on Facebook, as always edited down to fit the format. This is what I really wanted to say:

This morning I trimmed and flowered eight family graves along with the other old people. Only the old hear that clock marking the passing of time, tick-tocking ever faster, and so go out to tend the graves to deaden the ticking for awhile. The only young people at the cemetery this morning were those resting beneath the stones. All the graves I tended were natural - except Kirby's and Kristina's. They both died too young. After my work I lingered for a bit, remembering, wishing they were still here. Peace.


Sherye Hanson said...

Thank you Gunnar.

Silk Hope said...

Very nice Gunnar. I wish my Sister Susan was here too. She died of Ashma at age of 44 in 88'. Way too young. She left two little ones behind, they are now 30 and 34. But Gunnar old or not I live by this and it is from Shawshank Redemption. "Get busy livin' or get busy die'n". I rode 50 today so you know which one I pick.

Also I had a saw, hammer and beer (all at the same time) in my hand today, work'in on the the new office in the hood. I haven't been this jack up in quite some time.

Go Ride!

Mr. Hope

Gunnar Berg said...

My brother Kirby died in a fire at 30. My niece Kristina was younger.
While riding is nice, it is not the answer to the ultimate question. I have spent most of the day so far sitting on the deck with Lorna's family. Larry is cutting the ham and a pineapple as I write this (clutching a bottle of Kalamazoo Stout).