Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ray-Ban Aviators

I was at the optician to buy prescription sunglasses. Bi-focal sunglasses. They had a lot of stylish wrap-around glasses with made-up Italian names I'd never heard of. The optician looked at my prescription and mentioned that a wrap-around probably wouldn't be satisfactory because of the nature of my correction(s), but they would be getting in a shipment of Ray-Ban frames in a week or two.

At the time I was wearing my favorite t-shirt - brown XXL from Chuck Schmidt, with a race image of Fausto Coppi in the 1949 TdF, just radiating immaculate coolness in his Ray-Ban Aviators. He won the race, establishing Bausch & Lomb's Ray-Bans as being hyper-cool, and they became a style choice of the 1950s.

I was cool. I said, "No problem,  I'll wait for the Ray-Bans to come in". Yes! Ray-Bans!

Late last night Mimbres Man sent me this picture from his past. Ray-Bans still rule. (And the phone numbers are NOT still valid.)


Jonny Hamachi said...

Wish they fit my 7 3/4s better.

Gunnar Berg said...

They DO come in different sizes you know.

George A said...

Very cool pix of Fausto. Do you know the location or stage?

Gunnar Berg said...

I don't know anything about it really, other than it was flat, Coppi was cool and he looks great on a brown t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! (Although I'm a little younger, more from the 1980's Rayban Wayfarer era) -Tony

Silk Hope said...

Since my Ol' man was USAF (Full Col.)we use to get these for free. A whole Drawer full. Nice use of tax payer money.

Remember the square ones with the straight temple.


Silk Hope said...

BTW Ray Ban is officially owned by Oakley.