An Oakwood owl asks
life pilgrims at the end gate,
whooo will pass this night?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Killer's Gone

Harmon Killebrew died yesterday.

 The picture was drawn by our neighbor, Tom Jones when he was 5 years old.


Silk Hope said...

One of the greats. My first HB bat had his signature.

Mimbres Man said...


George A said...

The Wash Post has a good obit in today's paper:

Gunnar Berg said...

Thanks George. Here's a more manageable URL for the link:

Silk Hope said...


Great writeup. I wonder what happens when you google Shirley Povich of the Washing Post. What a classic sports writer.

I spent time in DC at RFK (What a Dung heap)watching the Senators, but that was a different team. As a Dodger fan I enamored with them because at that time they had another slugger of Dodger fame... Frank Howard. He was similar in stature to the Killer not quite as prolithic.