Sunday, May 29, 2011


A good day. Chis and I tried three or four different seriously fine stouts as we nibbled on frozen carmelita bars and discussed THINGS. We are both more or less boycotting ales for a while, myself going to stouts and porters, Chris going the lager route. At some point extremely hoppy, bitter ales become boring and lack subtlety. I may come back to them after a break. Then a short garden tour. The flowers are at the ohmygawd stage. Signe is just learning to build sentences. She calls me "Guinea". She is a joy. Later a pizza run. Yep, life is very good.

I should add that Linda and Larry, Anita and John were also good company and the meal yesterday was wonderful. Thanks.

Iris setosa v. candensis ‘Nana’

Signe with Meg.  Signe thinks we're cool ..... 'cause we got books, blocks and dolls to play with.

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