Monday, May 30, 2011

The Preacher and His Bicycle

ca. 1885

Known as Single-Speed Hodsdon to his friends.

"1854 Rev. Ebenezer A. Hodsdon:

Ebenezer A. Hodsdon came to this state (Minnesota) as a Universalist minister. In early years he led a sea-faring life. He resides near the city. He is a fluent speaker, a warm friend of the pioneers, and a man of generous impulses."

Picture was taken in 1885. It's amazing how little the bicycle has really changed in a 125 years. The angles are a little slack and the seat is far forward - other than that, Rev Dick could mount a rack, load up a six of Hamm's and take it out on the local off-road trails.


reverend dick said...

I'd put some brakes on there, too. But it does seem that nearly everything bicycle related has been thought of, about and done.

Who likes the Data Book?

Tom G. said...

I hope you found some time to get out and ride that safety bicycle this weekend.