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Monday, March 5, 2012

Gonzales Burgers

On a back street in Donna, Texas there is an an unmarked building. The only giveaway are the cars parked in front and up the street and a sign in the door announcing that it is 'open'. We had been out birding today and hurried to arrive at 2:30, because at 2:45 they flip that sign to 'closed'. 

The menu is simple - hamburgers and cheeseburgers with a variety of garnishes, french fries and onion rings. Simple decor, sturdy chairs and long picnic style tables. That's it. Be careful, be forewarned. We split a burger and afterwards Lorna said, "That's the most hamburger I've ever eaten." I don't doubt it. The basic burger at $5.95 starts out with one pound of fresh ground beef, an order of onion rings starts out as a sweet onion the size of a softball. I have not ordered the french fries. 

About 60 years ago they started making the hamburgers at the Gonzales Grocery.  Over time it simply became Gonzales Burgers. Real food eaten by real people - a Chicano cowboy next to us on his cell, "Yeah hello, this is Reuben down in Mission, calling about that $250 horse." In 1967 Hurricane Beulah ripped the sign off. It was never replaced. People just have to know. Now you do.


George A said...

Whadd'a I think? I think you're making me v. hungry! Sounds like you're time down south is being well spent! Sadly, I only dare eat a sandwich like that about once per year or I'd quickly become too heavy and sluggish to race boats. I'm already too old, brittle and stupid to race--don't need any more anchors around my neck!

Gunnar Berg said...

Yeah, we split the burger and left onion rings behind. I can already sink a boat.

Mimbres Man said...

That sounds like its worthy of a trip to Alamo!