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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Willies Bar-B-Q

From our apartment it is three blocks south to the catholic church, turn right for six blocks, arrive at Willies to park in the baptist church parking lot. There is a sign that reads, 'Welcome Willies BBQ Customers'. One can only assume that Willie tithes.

Willies is such a blend of old, very old and fake old that is hard to sort out what is real and what is yard sale.

 After a couple of trips, that all seems inconsequential. As always, ultimately it's the food.

People chopping up various smoked meats per order, and piling it on a plastic plate with more sides and pickled jalapenos than a normal human could eat.

Oh, the elegance of foot polished floors, varnished flakeboard paneling and plastic red-checked table coverings. Somehow it all seems to come together and feel right at home here.


George A said...

I realize that Texas is cow-country but being close to the gulf don't they have shrimp or grouper sandwiches, or oyster po'boys? Maybe seafood is more a Florida through Louisiana kinda thing. I've never set foot in Texas...

Willies looks like a good place though.

Gunnar Berg said...

We're over an hour from the shore. You can't get that far from the shore in Florida or Louisiana.

Silk Hope said...

Just my kinda place.