Friday, March 23, 2012

Hot Jazz and Leather Bars

The old gypsy playing a little hot jazz. Check out his right hand which was crippled in a fire when he was a child.

And moving right along to the young gypsy, this morning Vincent Dominguez asked if I had the bars mounted onto his stem on the Kvale yet. See below.
Notice the thick leather top bar protector. It doesn't show up in the photo, but there is CKC embossed on the side.
Under bar stitching.
Pretty comfortable cockpit. With a Buffalo China coffee cup. ;-) 
 Also, here is a magazine article on the boys. (Vincent in the bunny apron.) Of course Erik Noren dominates the article. Erik is a talker. I think they managed to get one or two sentences out of Gypsy and the Old Norwegian. Put a quarter in Erik and he'll tell you all his hopes and dreams. Put a quarter in either Dominguez or Kvale and you'll probably get a polite "Thank you".


noren said...

I want my quarter.


Gunnar Berg said...

I'll bring you a quarter. ha.