Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cinnamon Teal

We went Estero Llano this morning. There were not many small tweety birds, but we got some nice looks at waterfowl and waders. The best were half a dozen Cinnamon Teal. They are generally a western duck and we have often seen a single specimen or two hanging with Blue-wings, but this time there were six of them. They are decked out in a very rich livery, right down to their matching eyeballs.

We spent a hour or so talking to friends, looking at small birds bathing at the Pauraque Hall water drip. The temperatures started climbing up into the 80s, I was hungry, and finally pulled Lorna away from the butterflies to go home and eat. Here are a couple of bugs I shot, a Tropical Leafwing, and the battered one is a Band-celled Sister. I wouldn't normally post a photo of a butterfly that looks as if it has been in a car wreck. I am posting it because it is a life bug for me.

Band-celled Sister

According to the butterfly identification book, its close relative, Twisted Sister, also has a band. 
- Gunnar   


Redwing said...

Very nice shot of the Cinnamon Teal.

Redwing said...

I had no idea that the topside of a Tropical Leafwing was such a bright orange.