Friday, February 10, 2017

Foggy Morning Breakdown

We were out early this morning, took it slow on the drive down to Santa Ana due to thick fog. It was still foggy enough on the hike out to Pintail Lake that nothing was stirring. By the time we were actually on the shore the fog was starting to lift - still hazy, but I shot photos as I could see. Some photos may be a little fuzzy, but I trust they will capture the feeling.

Common Egret

Mixed bag

Long-billed Dowitchers

Wilson's Snipe

Lincoln Sparrow ----- Nevermind, Blackbird. :-)

By the time we were on the way back it was not exactly sunny, but clear enough to get a couple of crisper photographs.
Altamira Oriole

Maybe time for a beer now. - Gunnar


Redwing said...

Love the atmosphere that fog creates. Some nice Dowitcher photos, and I really like the Altamira and the Black-necked Stilt. By the way, that's NOT a Lincoln's Sparrow. It's a female Red-winged Blackbird. Those females are always being mistaken for some other bird.

Gunnar Berg said...

Slipshod birder that I am, I didn't really even give it a second look.

Redwing said...

I enjoy it. You're keeping it real.