Monday, February 6, 2017

Hildago Pump House

In 1909 a system was built to pump water out of the Rio Grande to irrigate thousands of acres of Rio Grande delta farmland. In 1933 a flood re-route the river's course and necessitated a half mile channel which functioned until 1983 when a more modern pumping system was located downstream. Now the building houses a locate museum and the surrounding grounds are a park.

My guess is that these pipes are each about six feet in diameter. They are big suckers. 

Lesser Goldfinches.
House Finch, f.

Black Flycatcher

Leaving the Pump House we drove down Gardenia Street to look at the Monk Parakeet communal nest. A couple of days ago Lorna took photos of 30+ Parakeets sitting out on the powerlines. It is a very large next.

 - Gunnar

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