Sunday, February 26, 2017

Reddish Egret

Now the winner of the Favorite Heron/Egret Poll - the Reddish Egret. Most of the Herons and Egrets hunt by stealth, moving very slowly or not at all. Not the Reddish: it runs, prances and dances, running with wings spread, then often freezes with spread wings and spears frightened fish seeking shelter. It can be a hellofa show.




(7% of Reddish Egrets are the White Morph)

 I really, really need to learn how to shoot video.  - Gunnar


troutbirder said...

Most interesting & photogenic blog. I'll be doing my warbler bird this spring at Big Island S.P.....:)

Gunnar Berg said...

We may be out there some too, but it is hard to pull away from 1410 Oakwood.

I might want to try Hvoslef too.

Drop me a line: neilmberg at gmail dot com