An Oakwood owl asks
life pilgrims at the end gate,
whooo will pass this night?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Delta Lakes

Continuation of the earlier Osprey posting. 

There were White Pelicans, Neotropical Cormorants (a single juvenile Double-crested Cormorant), Herons and Egrets (mostly Snowy), various shore birds which we did not have time, nor a desire to I.D., various ducks, including a few Canvasbacks, and Caspian Terns. There were rumblings and whisperings of possible Forester's Terns out with the Pelicans, which when a scope was set up, proved to be false rumors.

We also saw a Yellow-throated Warbler among a dozen Yellow-rumped, Long-billed Curlews, Swallow-tailed Kite, Kestrels, Loggerhead Shrike, and probably some others I have forgotten. We also heard Sandhill Cranes, but we did not locate them.

Thanks - Gunnar

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Redwing said...

Great photos of a Caspian Tern.