Odin sacrificed an eye, trading eyesight for insight, and disguised as Vegtam the Wanderer, traveled the world in quest of the wisdom of the ages. I have the eye sacrifice part covered. I'll get back to you when that wisdom thing kicks in.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mished Fish

Osprey today at Delta Lakes. It would have been a more fun set if he actually had caught a fish. He, or she, would likely agree.

Staying warm here in South Texas - Gunnar


Redwing said...

That Osprey needs to keep its head down as it dives. I think it took its eye off the fish. Great photo sequence. How many frames did you shoot to get that sequence. Do you just put it on a continuous mode...?

Gunnar Berg said...

It was actually two passes and one dive. The actual dive was sudden and fast and I did not catch it.

Gunnar Berg said...

With my rather basic camera I can only shot a handful of burst shots.