Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Frampton Is Still Alive

People of a certain age group still remember the huge-haired pop-rocker Peter Frampton, and Frampton Comes Alive, which sold 16 million albums, at the tine the largest selling album ever. He was too cute and nobody took him seriously musically. His star has since faded, the hair is long gone, his shirt is buttoned up. This is what he's playing now at the retirement home.


Anonymous said...

Saw a piece on him...think it was Sunday Morning or 60 Minutes just this past week. He's quite well and lives in a very nice house in Cincinatti. It mostly was about how he thought he'd lost his guitar in a plane rec (he wasn't on the plane) but got it back quite recently. He looks pretty good for a man in his early 60's!

Anonymous said...

an underrated and largely unappreciated guitar player. his pretty-boy phase made him rich for awhile, but it also negated any appreciation for his chops. sort of like clapton, he mailed it in for many years, but he is a skilled player. on the front-end of his career, some of his work with the only moderately gifted band humble pie was pretty tasty.

rick moffat

Anonymous said...

Had the pleasure of seeing Peter Frampton and his band play this summer in Boise. The show was really really good!!! Peter cracked jokes about his age and lack of hair, also played some Humble Pie tions, it was a great time.

Chris Wilson
Nampa Idaho

Silk Hope said...

College Baby. That was great stuff.