Saturday, February 4, 2012

Guy Forsyth

Regulars will remember that I used to post music every day. And I even wrote things. Well, things happen. Things come up. Life changes. somewhere along the way I swore on my departed mother's soul that I would never post music again. As is my way, I occasionally backslide, and I slip a tune in now and then. Rev Dick posted this on his blog about a week ago. I have been resisting it, but I cannot help myself. This is some really fine music of the Slightly Quirky genera.


George A said...

I love the guy's gravelly voice, his delivery and the back up musicians--everything in fact except that damned saw! He needs to lose that saw!

FWIW, my personal benchmark for this tune is the cover done by Ella F. and Louis A. The cover done by Billie H. runs a close second.

Oldfool said...

This is a good backslide.

Gunnar Berg said...

Don't limit yourself.

George A said...

I don't know, Gunnar. I listened a second time but I think this musical gem is best appreciated by those with very refined ears. No doubt there's lots of subtle things going on at frequencies beyond those detected by humans--hey, now here's an idea: the next time I'm being chased by a dog when cycling maybe I'll play this for him instead of fumbling for the pepper spray!

Gunnar Berg said...