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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Miscellaneous Water Birds: 02/23/12

Black-Bellied Whistling Duck.

Little Blue Heron. *Gasp!* coloration.

Reddish Egret. A stunner in the feather.

Common Moorhen (or Common Gallinule) There is a nomenclature fight going on. But it's the "Common" part I object to. It is not common.

Sora Rail. A little bitch to see. Worse to photograph. I'll do better next time.

Great Blue Heron. I waited to get just the right pose. I got it, pulled the trigger, and later discovered it's eyes were closed. Another "next time".

American Bittern. Thanks to my daughter, Addy for the photo. Try as I might, she could see it and my old eyes could not. When I grew up as a kid in Southern Minnesota we knew them as Slough Pumps or Old Danes because of their call.



I grew up in Anoka County near the Ham Lake, Bunker Prairie area. Just for fun the other day, I wondered if I could still do my old "Shy Poke" call. I can, it's still perfect after all my 72 years! It'd be so great to hear that sound again, so common back when, around all of our sloughs. My mom would chuckle a bit when often saying how they "always (expletive) when they flew away." Are there any left? I never hear them. Great blog, thank you.

Gunnar Berg said...

There aren't many sloughs and prairie potholes left for them to hide in.