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Monday, February 20, 2012

Great Egret: 02/20/2012


Oldfool said...

My bride and I were sitting outside taking a break from planting and we watched two of these flying down the ditch behind the house. our property is waterfront because we live between two drainage ditch's both of which are sometimes tidal. The big ditch is close behind the back fence and full of life so they like to feed there. Drives the dogs nuts.
Watching them fly the 100 feet from one ditch to the other under the tree canopy is spectacular. Not much thrills me nowdays but that does. Of course I have not gotten a photo of it yet but someday maybe I will get lucky.

George A said...

Great photo of the Egret in flight. It's so good that I may have to steal it. I've been enjoying all of your trip photos this week. You've obviously got a good eye for composition and a good shutter finger.

Gunnar Berg said...

Shutter finger: Set shutter option to "machine gun". Push button, hold, and release. Pick out favorite, discard the other five.

Composition: Get it kinda in the middle of the picture and hit "crop".

Seriously, very little skill, just some patience and awareness.

Gunnar Berg said...

Personally I like the last Ibis shot. We were really eyeball to eyeball and that shows. Even blown up so his head fills the screen it's still sharp and clear. The lighting was absolutely perfect.

George A said...

Gunnar: You could set these pix to music like Manhattan Transfer's cover of "Birdland". It would probably go viral on youtube.