Monday, February 27, 2012

One More View of America

I am presently residing in the far bottom tip of "The South", but I try to interact only with birders and the Latinos, who by tenure, are the true Americans down here.


Oldfool said...

That is pretty close only now they are going to have to add "the Great Oil Slick" from Canada to and including the Gulf of Oil.
I've lived in Texas a few times and have always considered it Mexico. I have also live in Mexico and found it to be more free than Texas. Now because I am financially poor I can only go there if I don't try to come back.
I would move to Minnesota but I could not afford the amount of dope it would take to make it through the winters.

Gunnar Berg said...

That's why they made south Texas.

Silk Hope said...

It's true they really think LA is one hour from SF. Just so you know it is 6 hours.