Friday, February 24, 2012

In Quest of Ale: 02/23/12

Some of you have followed my beer travails. I have discovered that people in Texas do not have a taste for ales. All of the beer is major label, a few Mexican style lagers and a couple of bocks. At first I thought it might be a local aberration, but even large liquors stores don't carry any ales, say nothing of a nice EPA or IPA. I guess the taste for ale is in pockets of the East Coast, the Midwest, Colorado and the West Coast. Who knew?

On a short outing to South Padre Island we discovered the Padre Island Brewing Company, founded in 1995 by a third generation brewer, an emigre ... from Minnesota. He makes a pale ale with enough B.U.s to keep me happy. At least temporarily, I was home. 


Chris said...

You are in ale jail.

Gunnar Berg said...

Ja, you betcha I am. Shoulda bought a growler in South Padre.

Have a Surly and think of me. :-(

Mark Haggenmiller said...

Thank You for the shout-out & patronage!


brewer @ PIBC