Friday, February 24, 2012

Not Birds: 02/23/12

Shots from a cold, windy South Padre Island.

Mullet photographed off the bridge, slithering through the water like a great segmented serpent.
Camera envy. Or, if you get a really big honkin' camera, you too can take great pictures. And yes, I really wish I could afford one too.
Abandoned chair. My guess is was so visually perfect the sitter just couldn't bring himself to take it back home to the garage.
The ladies in my life.

Cold. And windy. Rather, Windy on your right, Cold on your left. 


Mimbres Man said...

White(?) mullet is one of my favorite eats here in Venezuela. It is a very good tasting fish.

Gunnar Berg said...

I like the haircut.

Mark Stonich said...

Those guys with the mind bogglingly expensive optics would probably have a hard time understanding how anyone could have as much "invested" in bicycles as you do. Priorities....

Gunnar Berg said...

True. And they both probably hold their value equally well.