Saturday, February 4, 2012

Summertime, 2 or 3 ?

For George, here's a repost of Nov 29, 2009. Personally, I like the much rawer version on this posting from Aug 11, 2011.

One of my favorite songs. I have an LP with a killer version by Vassar Clements. Of these three, I'm giving my vote to Ella and Satch. Hard call - so different.


George A said...

Thanks for reminding me of the Miles Davis cover--that's another great one! I'll give Janis J's version a listen when I get home tonight. The venue, at least, is good!

George A said...

OK, I've listened. I'll preface my remarks by saying there's no accounting for taste and my tastes are probably not anywhere near universal. Having said that I found myself looking at the scroll bar during Janis's rendition to see how much longer I had to go before the torture ended! To my ears, Janis is at her best with more accessible tunes such as "Me and Bobbie McGee" or the Mercedes Benz song. I love her in that genre and could listen over and over.

Now, for the remaining two covers: Miles Davis and Ella F./Louis A.--both are wonderful but for different reasons. If we first consider just the trumpet playing we find vast differences. Miles Davis invites you to stay awhile and listen. Louis Armstrong on the other hand immediately explores the upper ranges of his instrument and absolutely DEMANDS your attention. Both musicians are sublime. But when you add Ella's and Louis' marvelous singing, it still wins my number one vote.