"Age and Treachery will overcome Youth and Skill" - Angelo Fausto Coppi

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog Format

A month ago I changed the format on this blog to gain more width, to let pictures and wide format videos breath a little. It's taken a while to get things laid in the way I like. Nobody, other than my wife, has commented, and she was negative. You probably noticed I've been playing with the 1410 title banner. After 273 iterations I think I am finished. The quote is from David Mallet (Malloch), 18th century Scottish poet. The owl was from a Googled photograph, as was the moon. The bike is a shot of my M05030, originally taken with a white back drop. I simply inverted the colors, then sucked out all the color and juggled the brightness. It was cumbersome because I don't have Photoshop, so I used Microsoft's default Paint, and Office Photo Manager.


Echelon 133 said...


It is you blog we are only along for the ride. Press on.


Gunnar Berg said...

I'm here to serve.

Anonymous said...

ok, as long as you're here to serve, what do you recommend I use for my new site? I don't think I want to blog, just a cool place to post my books and a photo or two.


Jonny Hamachi said...

I'm with Jack. It's You and Yours.

I'm just drafting.

Rydjor Bike Shop said...

Third eye of Pug. Perhaps it should be incorporated into your banner somehow:


Gunnar Berg said...

Hell, I don't know. I use Blogger, only because I live in a Google world. Google Chrome rules!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with many of your talents, Gunnar... creating your banner is one of them..

Gunnar Berg said...

Now for the secret door. Pull the slide bar at the bottom on the screen to the right.

Old Toad said...

Love the new title banner ... especially the owl and quote. And of course, it definitely needed a McLean headed for the moon.

As for "reverse" type for the text, I'm not a fan. Toads like to read black type, even in the dark ... but you probably knew that.

Gunnar Berg said...

Black on black is tough, even for the Toad.