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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Small World: Reggio nell' Emilia

Before I forget, the snip below is from Masini's Breaking Away. I know J.B. through a number of transactions, including the purchase of my white Chris Kvale bicycle. I have had the pleasure of spending some time in his basement on occasion and have had a guided tour of his personal museum of vintage components and bicycles, particularly Cinellis. I connected with Rory Mason, aka Masini , through the late Dan Ulwelling. Reportedly this blog came up in a conversation in Italy. What's the odds?

"Luckily, I overheard a little english which led me to meeting John Barron of Velostuf and Cinelli collecting fame. He, his wife and I proceeded to a few more stands and I was happy to lend a translating hand when needed, although he does pretty good by himself. I was also able to pick up a lot of info, history and tips from him."

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Masini said...

It absolutely did. Funny thing is that JB's name came to me via a friend of a friend in California. For some reason, all of my roads lead back to Minnesota or Iowa! I'm listening to old TD Mischke radio shows right now as a matter of fact!

Love the blog!

Heading out now on the Galmozzi!