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Thursday, April 22, 2010

For Aunt Kathleen and Mary Mac

Ms Mary lived across the street from me when we growing up. She was the preacher's daughter in the Baptist Church. She just responded to the earlier Jerry Lee Lewis posting. My Aunt Kathleen could really bang 'em out on the piano at home, but she never played this way in our church!  Terrible video on this, but who cares! Damn, they cook toward the finale of this one. As many of you probably know, the third member of this family trinity is evangelist (and singer) Jimmy Swaggart. Here are Jerry Lee Lewis and cousin Mickey Gilley:



Margadant said...

Had your Aunt Kate banged them out this way at meeting time, the Clarks Grove Baptist Church would have been packed.

Gunnar Berg said...

I dunno about that. She played a more subdued style in church. At home or at our house, she would really cut loose, very similar to these boys. One time she and Harold were on a cruise and she played a little one afternoon, thinking no one was around. They heard her and signed her up. She spent the rest of the cruise as a lounge act.

Masini said...

JLL is my absolute favorite (yes, more so than even Dylan). Thanks for the post - I now have some DVD's to rewatch!

Saw him live in Italy on my birthday a couple years ago, barely able to get around, but his hands still fly.