Sunday, April 25, 2010

Goodbye to Norm

Lyle P. was an honorary pall bearer for Norm Hunter. I'm not much for funerals, less so as mine gets closer. Lyle gave me a report at breakfast. This is it, more or less, from my poor memory:
The service started off with 20 minutes of Big Band Swing. The music was fresh and cutting edge when Norm and Iris were young and he loved it. Lyle said he considered getting up and dancing. Norm never went to church, even had contempt for them. Somehow they rented a church and coerced a preacher who had never met him to read Norm's vital life statistics. A former student  told a few humorous anecdotes, there was a Scottish bagpipe piece, and that was about it. Then most of the mourners probably went across the street to the American Legion for a drink or two- probably Scotch. It sounds pretty good. I guess I should have gone to this one. Norm probably would have liked it too.

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