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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Norm Hunter

Norm Hunter went to the big bonspiel in the sky Friday at age '83. Years ago he was the skip of the Hunter Rink, our company curling team, teaching a series of younger men how to curl, be honest men, and drink good Scotch whiskey. 

The above sketch was done about 30 years ago, maybe more. Norm didn't change much, other than his mustache whitening to match his hair. He was a good man to spend time with. I hadn't seen him in years, yet I am saddened at his passing. He had an easy smile and a flash temper. I was a full foot taller and probably a hundred pounds heavier than Norm, yet I recall one time he felt I disrespected him. His response was, "How would you like me to hit you on the side of your dumbshit head with this Coke bottle?"  I didn't, so I hastily apologized. I hope his ice is true and he had the hammer coming home.

(What the hell kind of mickey mouse spellcheck program questions "bonspiel" as a word?)


Margadant said...

I'm going to have Lee check this post out. Not only does he appreciate vintage Berg cartooning, he and some of his friends are testing the waters of the local curling scene. Yesterday was their second time on the ice. Maybe there is a chance of reincarnation.

Butch said...

MrHunter (one word) was my sixth grade teacher, in his first year of teaching, and seventh grade basketball coach. He was long on fundamentals and fear in both places and exactly what was needed. It's my first recollection of trying to do the right thing in school.

Gunnar Berg said...

Whatever he did to you, it must have worked. You kept on schooling until there was nothing left to learn.

What was he, 5'4"? Short anyway. He lettered in basketball in college. He must have been a fair athlete in his day.

R.I.P. Norm Hunter.
Short in height
Long on fundamentals.