Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Beauty of an Untended Lawn

My first day in Birkenstocks. Day by day it is surely coming around.


Old Toad said...

Birkies? Wearing Birkies in April in Minnesota? Did you know they are the "official" footwear of Eugene, Oregon? Guaranteed to keep your feet wet in Oregon all winter long! Thankfully, toads do not need such footwear at any time of the year.

Gunnar Berg said...

My Birks are older, with the really thick leather tops. They've been resoled and one time rebuilt with complete new bottoms. Since I dropped out, they are ALL I wear for the 6 months of light summer snow.

Anonymous said...

You may wear Birkies all year around, even in the frozen tundra..just get wool socks for the cold months! :-)