Sunday, April 24, 2011

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – A threat to the fledgling presidential campaign of Donald Trump emerged today, as a group of activists charged that Mr. Trump is not eligible to hold the nation’s highest office because his hair does not originate from the U.S.
The group, who call themselves “Balders,” claim that the hair-like substance that crowns Mr. Trump’s head is from a foreign country, which would mean that the candidate is less than one hundred percent American.
“Time and time again, Donald Trump has refused to produce a certificate of authenticity for his hair,” said Leeann Selwyn, a leading Balder.  “This is tantamount to a comb-over of the truth.”
But if in fact Mr. Trump’s distinctive mane turns out to be of foreign origin, such a revelation need not be fatal to his presidential hopes, says Professor Davis Logsdon, who has studied the history of presidential hair at the University of Minnesota.
“Remember, several of our greatest early presidents, like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, had hair that originate elsewhere,” Mr. Logsdon says.  “The only thing that could kill Trump politically is if his hair turns out to be from France.”
At a GOP event in Iowa, Mr. Trump made no reference to the Balders controversy, and instead sounded an upbeat theme: “If I am given the chance to do the same magic I did for NBC, America will be the number four country in the world.”
In a piece of good news for Mr. Trump, a new poll showed a majority of likely voters agreeing with the statement, “Donald Trump being sworn in as President would be a great last scene in a Planet of the Apes remake.”


Anonymous said...

Donald is a sissy boy. He would need to have Bachmann as a running mate to generate interest among the big-bellied, MILF-loving, brain damaged heart of America. Even so I doubt he could seriously challenge a real redneck for the redneck vote.


Gunnar Berg said...

Ms. Bachmann still throws me off a little. Her 6th District gerrymanders around taking in the east, north,and northwest Twin Cities suburbs and toward St.Could - picking off all of the most conservative parts of the state. There is a point on the map where there is a Minneapolis neighborhood where the people on one side of the street are represented by Michelle Bachmann and the people on the other side of the street are represented by Keith Ellison, a liberal, black Muslem.