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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trailer Court Boys

Two or three years ago one of my nephews introduced me to the Trailer Court Boys. Now Margadant is strapping on his legal guns again, he's hung out his shingle, bought him a new set of law books and is coming out of retirement. This is for him.

Warning: The language is f**king awful. Aunt Dorothy, I know you're out there. This is the worse language you've heard in 85 years. You have been warned.
Bye, love ya.


Oldfool said...

Lady down the street talks like that. The next door lady in our last residence talked like that. When SWMBO gets full of beer she talks like that. The preteens on my street talk like that while walking down the street smoking cigarettes. My grandson can't put 4 words together without saying the F word. Twice. I can't even say it anymore all that somes out is puckit.

Gunnar Berg said...
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Chris said...

Correction: the program's name is Trailer Park Boys. It is a Canadian national treasure, producing top rankings on the tube and on the big screen (in Canada).

Gunnar Berg said...

I sit corrected.