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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 05, 2011: View From the Deck

With the recent warmer weather and windy conditions the ice is starting to break up on the main lake. Here on our back bay it's slower, still we're gaining every day. Today is sunny, but with the breeze blowing across the ice, it's still cool on the lake side of the house. The migratory water birds are starting to show up. A week ago I saw the first ducks - Mergansers and Golden Eyes. Lorna thought she saw a Wood Duck, but I'm doubtful, seems awfully early. Today there are a handful of divers (ducks, not people!) that my old eyes can't I.D. The Fall shooters don't care what they are, unless they are Canvasbacks or Redheads, the rest just getting grouped as "Bluebills". When I was a young hunting man we all loved the Bluebills; they were plentiful, seemingly dumb and they decoyed easily. The ones I saw today are probably Lesser Scaups. As my eyes have deteriorated I've joined the hunters, calling them all Bluebills and letting it go at that. This morning, returning from a run to the tax man, I noted a couple of Loons on the main lake. They never stay more than a week or two before moving on up north, but it's aways nice having the Minnesota State Bird around for a while. Also with the open water I'm seeing Bald Eagles more often, drifting just over the tree tops, patrolling the shore looking for something dead or vulnerable. Dead, dying or easy to kill - yep, it's Spring all right.


Margadant said...

Life at Oakwood is definitely a satisfying endeavor.

Gunnar Berg said...

True. But then again I do not have the Black Hills at my back door either like you have.