Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Myrtles

(not my photo)
For Reverend Dick
Probably of significance to only my mate and I, we had four Myrtle Warblers at the suet feeder today. They are the first of the Wood Warblers to arrive on Spring migration. The newer bird I.D. books refer to them as Yellow-Rumped Warblers, now being grouped with the Audubon Warbler into a single species. Pffft! say I. They were Myrtle Warblers in the little birdbook my mother gave me for my birthday when I turned ten years old and so they will remain until I pass. Since that May 15th the warbler mitigation has been an annual mile marker for me, and over the years my wife has joined me in my love of birdwatching and nature in general. Bless her.


reverend dick said...

May be just my ignorance, but I always thought the "rump" was a different part than the yellow I see there.

reverend dick said...