Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cheri, Cheri, Cheri

This is kind of embarrassing. Cheri Register, my friend from high school is an author by trade and has a website with a blog. We occasionally exchange emails and I guess I must have known that she had a blog, but somehow I just didn't process it. What makes it worse, her blogroll only has three listings and 1410 is one of them. So haul your ass over there, sit down and have a look. If it strikes your fancy, rest and read a little. Cheri apparently doesn't post too often, but life is about quality, not quantity isn't it?

(If you live in Minnesota and can get the tpt MN public television channel, Cheri's going to be on end of this month on "Threads of Memory", discussing the book that earned her a Minnesota Book Award.)

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Margadant said...

Thanks for the catch and link. I've been hoping Cheri was still working on the drainage history.